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Lectures by the Founder Outside The Japan Room

Date Title and location
15 July 2014: Machiya - The Delicate Townhouses of Kyoto. The Center for Architecture/AIA Honolulu, Hawaii.
6 February 2014: An Overview of Freemasonry. The Anthroposophical Society of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii.
8 August 2013: Let's Talk Machiya. Japan America Society of Hawaii, Tomodachi, Honolulu, Hawaii. View Poster.
6 February 2013: An Introduction to Freemasonry. Dezember House, Whittier College, California.
29 January 2013: Freemasonry in Japan. Japan America Society of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii.
19 July 2012: The City of Kyoto. Adventurers' Club, Kahala Country Club, Honolulu, Hawaii.
26 April 2012: Freemasonry in Japan. America-Japan Society, International House, Tokyo, Japan.
1 March 2012: Masonic Expressions in the English Language. English-Speaking Union, Dartmouth House, Mayfair.
20 October 2011: Machiya - The Delicate Townhouses of Kyoto. Museum of East Asian Art, Bath.
20 September 2011: Machiya The Delicate Townhouses of Kyoto. Asia House. View Poster.
18 July 2011: Tama The Cat. The Fan Museum, Greenwich. View Poster. View Press Release.
27 May 2011: General MacArthur and The Grand Lodge of Japan at the Third International Conference on the History of Freemasonry, George Washington Masonic Memorial, Alexandria, VA, USA, 27-29 May 2011 (Paper read on my behalf by Professor Andrew Prescott).
22 March 2011: Machiya - Traditional Japanese Merchant Townhouses. English Speaking Union, Dartmouth House, Mayfair. View Poster.
5 March 2011: Machiya. Japanese Garden Society
1 October 2009: The Armenian Connection with Freemasonry. Armenian House.
14 July 2009: Shattering Myths About Freemasonry. Gresham Society, Gresham College, London.

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7 July 2009: Freemasonry as an Alternative Form of Spirituality at the Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Spirituality in the Literatures of the English Speaking World. University of Vienna, Hof 8, 6-9 July 2009.
29 May 2009: Japanese Indigenisation of Masonic Ritual at the Second International Conference on the History of Freemasonry, Freemasons' Hall, George Street, Edinburgh, 29-31 May 2009.
22 April 2009: An Introduction to Freemasonry. Doshisha University, Kyo-Tanabe Campus, Kyoto.
4 April 2009: Links Between Japanese Culture and Freemasonry. Shotokan Karate Lodge No. 9752. Lodge Room No. 10, Freemasons' Hall, London.
18 March 2009: Research into Freemasonry in Japan. The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Mount Scopus Campus.
23 February 2009: Respect for Freemasonry. The Mediterranean Conference for Academic Disciplines. University of Malta, Gozo. 23-26 February 2009. View Full Abstract.
29 January 2009: The Socio-Political Role of Freemasonry in Japan. Institute of Ideas Postgraduate Forum. Old Building, London School of Economics.
6 January 2009: Masonic Constitutions as Historiography. British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies 38th Annual Conference. St. Hugh's College, Oxford. 6-8 January 2009.
29 November 2008: Japanese Spirituality and Esoteric Freemasonry. 2008 Cornerstone Conference - "Quest for the Lost Word." Freemasons' Hall, London
6 November 2008: Diamonds. Talk in the Churchill Room, Dartmouth House, London Region, ESU.
16 October 2008: Diamonds, Art Deco & Champagne. Talk on Diamonds in the Ballroom, Lansdowne Club, Mayfair. View Poster.
14 October 2008: An Evening of Diamonds. Private Party and Talk for Japan Society Corporate Members.
4 October 2008: The Recruitment of Freemasons in Japan. The Old Radleian Lodge No. 5200, The Mansion, Radley College.
23 June 2008: The Fiftieth Anniversary of The Grand Lodge of Japan (1957-2007). National Grand Lodge of Greece of AF & AM, Athens. This full paper has been published as Working Paper No. 5 by the University of Sheffield Centre for Research into Freemasonry and can be read by clicking the following link: View Paper.
19 June 2008: Machiya - The Delicate Townhouses of Kyoto, The Lansdowne Club, Mayfair. View poster [PDF].
21 May 2008: The Issues Related to Freemasonry in Scotland, ESU Scotland, Edinburgh.
6 May 2008: General MacArthur's Masonic Membership. Kokusai Lodge No. 15, Yokota Air Base.
18 March 2008: Franklin and Freemasonry, Benjamin Franklin House,
15 March 2008: Patronage and The Grand Lodge of Japan. Academy of Masonic Knowledge, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
11 February 2008: Freemasonry in East Asia. East Asia Institute, University of Cambridge.
15 November 2007: An Understanding of Freemasonry. ESU-1066 (Hastings) Branch.
28 October 2007: Freemasonry: An Interreligious Fraternity. London Inter Faith Centre.
19 October 2007: British and Continental Freemasonry, ESU-Bavaria Branch, Munich.
30 August 2007: The Masonic Mythical Strategy for Masculinity. "Masculinity and the Other" Conference. Balliol College, Oxford, 29-30 August 2007.
10 July 2007: Dr. Desaguliers: Man of Science, the Enlightenment, and Freemasonry at the XIIeme Congres International des Lumieres: Sciences, Techniques et Culture au XVIIIeme Siecle, Les Trois Universites de Montpellier, Montpellier, 8-15 July 2007.
26 May 2007: The Contemporary History of Freemasonry in the Far East at the International Conference on the History of Freemasonry, Freemasons' Hall, George Street, Edinburgh, 25-27 May 2007.
16 March 2007: 50 Years of the Grand Lodge of Japan, JAWS 2007, Oslo, 14-17 March 2007.
1 February 2007: Freemasons in Japan, Nissan Institute/St. Antony's College, Oxford.
6 November 2005: Seeking Enlightenment: Initiation & Ritual of Oriental Candidates Canonbury Masonic Research Centre Conference on Freemasonry and Initiation: Published in The Canonbury Papers for 2007.
5 October 2005: Freemasonry in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Society.
12 July 2005: The Secrets of Freemasonry, English-Speaking Union.
20 June 2005: The Varieties of Deism in England in the 18th Century, Institut fur Religionswissenschaft, University of Heidelberg.
9 May 2005: Japan & the Royal Art, The Japan Society: Published in the Society's Proceedings for 2006.
4 May 2005: Freemasonry and Japanese Religions, Japan Research Centre, SOAS.
17 November 2004: Theological Lying in Anderson's Constitutions, "We Band of Brothers" Conference, University of Sheffield. Published in ARIES: The Journal for the Study of Western Esotericism Vol. 8:2 (2008), 167-190.
8 May 2004: Civilising Aesthetics (Freemasonry in the 18th Century), Berkshire Master's Lodge.