The Founder has selected the bunny rabbit as the mascot of The Japan Room as this is her favourite animal. Above are two black and white Dutch bunnies born from a prize-winning doe (male on left, female on right). Dutch bunnies are a “fancy” breed of rabbit. There are many reasons to enjoy Japan (especially Kyoto) such as its beautiful natural lansdscapes throughout the year, the colourful and historical costumed festivals, its relatively cleaner and more efficient travelling environments, artistically-presented cuisine, and its pleasant and courteous people. However, in addition to these, the Founder has 3 particular reasons why Japan is delightful:

  • Noh Drama
  • The magical sound of the Sho
  • Many charming things are decorated and associated with rabbits
Pauline is a Rabbit, Parade of animal zodiac signs in Melbourne, Australia.  Photo: Pauline Chakmakjian, MA

To learn more about these quiet and amusing creatures, please have a look at the websites below:

If you would like to adopt an unwanted bunny from a rescue centre, please visit

If you would like to volunteer for a rabbit rescue, please visit and make contact through the ‘contact us’ page.